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A short history

Thirsty Mamas is a cross-genre rockin-blues band formed in Hamburg, Germany in 2006. The group consists of German musicians Steff Schneider (vocals, guitar), Mike Jaedke (harp), Hans Torlée (guitar, lapsteel), Vicente Hernando (bass), and Mirko Lehmann (drums). All five members are involved in songwriting and production

What kind of music do the Thirsty Mamas play?

“If we tell the average person what they are going to see, we influence their decision making”  they say. “Our music is more a cross-genre Memphis-style rockin-blues, and anyone who appreciates music will appreciate our music, regardless of what genre we tell them we are.  Let them decide for themselves what genre we fit. The music is good, the beat is good, the stage presence is good. Let good be good.”

Thirsty Mamas intention is to make blues, boogie and Rock-like songs which mixed a variety of genres from Roots to modern Rock. They don´t care about actual trends. All they want is to wow their audience by an energetic and entertaining live performance.

Thirsty Mamas Live

 “Thirsty Mamas” were spreading a lot of pure joy for lovers of good-ole blues’n roll. They had untamed power and passion by their play. It all started by a fulminant blues-harp solo by Mike Jaedke. He blew his soul out of his tattooed body. `Highway Man’ was broiling by the power bass and drums by Vicente Hernando and Mirko Lehmann. ‘Magic Spell’ was spreading some hoodoo mystery, specially by the hellacious vocals of Steff Schneider. He could be the younger brother of Arthur Brown by his vocals, look and freakiness on stage. TM topped their performance as conclusion for their gig by ‘Mercury Blues’ best known by the interpretation of David Lindley.  Hans Torlée by his lapsteel solos was brilliant. Loud applause by the fans was asking for another encore. But this was it for tonight.  Thirsty Mamas a splendid live experience – Catch Em On The Road!”


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Thirsty Mamas on Tour


Termine 2018

Bevorstehende Veranstaltungen


15 JUN Thirsty Mamas in the Downtown Blues Club Landhaus Walter
28 JUN Thirsty Mamas Habour Bergedorf
06 OKT Oktoberfest MV Lehrte - Fuhrenweg 247 b, 31275 Lehrte
13 OKT Klangbar/ Plan B , Thirsty Mamas - Weidenbaumsweg 13-15, 21029 Hamburg Bergedorf
26 OKT Kris Barras (UK) & Thirsty Mamas  Downtown Blues ClubLandhaus Walter
10 NOV Klangbarfestspiele - Weidenbaumsweg 13-15, 21029 Hamburg Bergedorf

24 NOV Thirsty Mamas im Marias Ballroom


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